In the beginning the Hateley Motorsports E30 was just a dream. That dream turned into a strong passion for fabrication and building race cars. When the project was started Andy had no fabrication skills. He learned everything along the way and produced a truly unique drift car in terms of style and execution.



The car was originally built with an LS3 crate engine and a Magnuson Supercharger. That engine setup made 625 HP to the wheels. Our new RHS 427ci block with various Comp Cams goodies will be installed in the car for the 2018 season. The new engine made over 650 HP to the crank, naturally aspirated. Once the Magnuson Supercharger is installed we expect power numbers to be over 800 HP.


The chassis is very complicated in many ways. Andy designed it to withstand a major crash and still be lightweight and easy to work on. Both the tube frame front end and rear end can be easily removed for quick crash repairs to get us back on track as soon as possible. The radiator, oil cooler and numerous other components were moved to the trunk for crash protection and to free up space in the engine bay. The cooling system has an ECU activated water sprayer to keep temps cool during back to back runs. Every part of the chassis was analyzed, and if needed, reinforced or redesigned. 


We started with a set of JRZ coilovers. They are top notch and really nothing on the market compares to them in terms of quality and range of adjustment. We them added an SLR speed angle kit to get the big steering angle drifting requires. The rear trailing arms were modified for less camber and more toe in.  After several years of driving the car we believe we have a very good setup at this point, but there is always room for more. For the 2018 season we will be designing a set of tubular trailing arms with adjusted pickup points for optimal geometry of the rear suspension. 


Our transmission is a Tex Racing SR-1 4-speed. It shifts incredibly fast and is also incredibly durable at high HP levels. We run a Clutchmasters twin disc clutch that has held up to constant abuse. The power then goes through custom once piece driveshaft to a Winters Quick Change differential. The Winters Quick Change allows us to swap the  final drive in under 10 minutes. This allows us to get the perfect gear ratio for any track even with limited practice time. After the differential, a pair of Driveshaft Shop axles to get all that power to the ground.